KyleKyle (kylekyle) wrote,

New web technology abounds!

I spent a grinding day at my computer table fixing all the blog bits that had fallen into disrepair from my laziness! Fiiiiiiinally. And then I took it a step further, and upgraded everything. Seriously! We are now Twitter enhanced…. every post gets ‘tweeted’,  twittered onto Facebook. Additionally, every post now gets crossposted to Myspace, Tribe, and Livejournal. Hax indeed! I have achieved social networking saturation  like I never thought was possible. Deliciously annoying. I sped up the website significantly as well using all sorts of caching bits. Load times finally feel somewhat acceptable.  We’ll see how it goes. This little blog is basically a test of the system. I’m too tired to have any rational thought…

Although, I did have some goat curry from the indian place around the corner, and it was yummy. I’ll totally be ordering that again and again.

The next several days are going to be terribly busy I suspect. Christmas time always throws me for a big loop. There’s soccer to be watched and played, important persons driving into town, grandparents to be seen, dinner to be had with sides of the family I haven’t had dinner with in ages. We’ll see how it goes. I promise I will be writing alot more now that everything is squared away, and so much more fun and accessible! Huzzah!

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Tags: daily life, food, hax
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