KyleKyle (kylekyle) wrote,

Nom Nom Nom?

I don’t know if this is really the sort of thing to be blogged about. But it’s sort of fascinating. So the Cheeblies (finches) passed. And because it was raining, I just wrapped them each in a paper towel, left them in the cage, and covered the whole cage with a blanket. I was going to bury them at a later date when it wasn’t raining. This morning, I found feathers scattered all over the floor in the living room. I checked the cage, no mas bird bodies. APPARENTLY, the gliders got their grubby little hands on the towel edges, pulled them to the bars, fished out the finch bodies, yanked them through the bars, and then proceeded to run rampant through the house with them. Now is the time we found out whether gliders are more similar to cats or ferrets. Ferrets hide their treasure. Cats leave you presents. Gliders….? I would be horrified right now if I wasn’t so shocked and amused at their tenacity and my naivete. I’m going to have to watch them tonight and see if they try to start round two of the finch party.

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